by Mind Jail

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Recorded at band practice using an Apple Iphone


released February 14, 2017

Jen Calleja - Drums
Jamie Morrison - Guitar/Bass/Vocals



all rights reserved


Mind Jail London, UK

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Track Name: You Were Gone
I thought I could see you
You were gone
I walked out to meet you
You were gone

You were gone and I can't carry on

I swam out to save you
You were gone
I tried to erase you
You were gone
Nothing can phase you
Now you're gone
You left in a haze
You were gone
Track Name: Slip Away
I watched it slip away
I felt you slip away from me again
It's too late to say
Too late to say just what should be again

Now do you sleep at all
When dreams knock on the walls do you let them in
Blind still repeat the calls
Ride with the waves as they roll in again

In the stone moonlight
Slight breezes blow me down as I try to hide

I watched it slip away

In the slow moonlight slight breezes blow me down as I try to hide
Out in the dead of night go try to hide
Try to feel OK
Track Name: Dog Heaven
If 99 years old is a landmark to behold
You stretched that even further with tramadol and soul
Then taken from us
You left your leads and water bowl

Your eyes are people's
Even when burying your bones
In your presence you could never feel alone
Now you're gone this house is not a home
But your collar's on my wall

You're up there in dog heaven
We're stuck in human hell
You're gone but not forgotten
I hope that you can tell
I wish that I could see you and take you for a stroll
We'd slide down to the beaches
Then we could go home

I wish that I could see you I didn't say goodbye
Please say hello to Dylan
Señor is doing fine
Track Name: Liars
It doesn't matter what they say
It doesn't matter what you do
They don't care about you
Preacher blues TV
You paid your license fee
They're all the same to me

They're liars

No the race seems run
Is this what it's become
Being dumped for fun
Been taken for schmucks
So now it all seems fucked
Feels like we're out of luck

Just give us something to hold on to
With slippery fingers it falls right through their lies